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Whenever I engage Zimbabweans on the issue of trying to find love using virtual means, a version of one argument always comes up: dating sites in the traditional sense are not necessary in Zimbabwe.Young people and middle-aged singles, the argument goes on, actually use social media to hook up with those they like.

The default paths are: gives a list of urls which are used for the interwiki function.All files in the XDG_DATA path are read when looking for an url, so you can use XDG_DATA_HOME to overload the installation defaults.The format consist of one url per line, each line giving the key (which is the interwiki name), followed by whitespace, followed by the actual url.The url can conatin place holders "" or "{URL}", the first will be replaced by the name of the interwiki page, the second by this name in url encoding.If no placeholder is found in the url the url encoded name is appended to the url.

Note that if you want interwiki page to include url syntax like a "#" to link to anchors in the target page, you should write your URLs with " gives a list of strftime formats, one on each line, to be used to populate the "Insert Date and Time" dialog.The first instance of this file that is found in the XDG_DATA path is used.See this link for documentation of the strftime formatting. For example it displays links as blue text without underline. Each style has it's own section which starts with the style name between square brackets and contains key value pairs for the various display properties.The config file can be used to configure mount commands for specific notebook paths. NOTE: The display styles for the GUI are not used when exporting to HTML.If you want your HTML to show certain custom styles you should write a HTML template with a CSS stylesheet.Example: style "gtkcompact" { Gtk Tree View::vertical-separator=0 Gtk Tree View::horizontal-separator=0 Gtk Tree View::expander-size=6 Gtk Tree View::fixed-height-mode=TRUE Gtk Widget::focus_padding=0 } class "Gtk Widget" style "gtkcompact" ".