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Our mission is to provide clinical services and programs that validate and support the needs of young adults with cancer.

[email protected] hosts a variety of programs for young adults with cancer that focus on peer support, skill building, educational workshops, and social networking.

YAP can connect you with social workers, psychologists, or psychiatrists who have specific expertise working with young adults.

Counselors can help you better understand the emotional impact and challenges of coping with cancer, and can introduce you to helpful, concrete strategies for increasing your coping skills.

The Boys Town National Hotline is a free hotline available to kids, teens and young adults at any time.

We are here to talk if you're depressed, contemplating suicide, being physically or sexually abused, on the run, addicted, threatened by gang violence, fighting with a friend or parent, or if you are faced with an overwhelming challenge.

Teens and young adults who are diagnosed with cancer face unique concerns and challenges when it comes to things like education, employment, dating and intimacy.

Young adults with cancer face very different challenges than patients who were diagnosed earlier in childhood or later in adulthood.

The Young Adult Program at Dana-Farber ([email protected]) is part of an international initiative to recognize and address the unique circumstances related to lifestyle, work, school, family life, and emotional development that young adults face when living with cancer.

[email protected] provides emotional support services, opportunities to meet other young adults receiving treatment, and educational programs aimed at enhancing knowledge and self-advocacy skills.

Read our Insight blog for information and inspiration about the Young Adult Program at Dana-Farber.

Young adults with cancer often face challenges different from those of children and older adults.