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There’s plenty of sports teams all over Tennessee and your sweetie is going to make sure you get to enjoy them all.

Whether they’re into the college sports scene, believe in the Memphis Grizzlies or hashtag everything #titanup for the Tennessee Titans, you’re going to have a blast going to all the games.

Tennessee is constantly named the best destination for barbecue, and your sweetie can’t wait to share all their favorite barbecue spots with you.

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Whether they take you to Memphis, Nashville, a secret neighborhood joint, their neighbor’s backyard or their own kitchen, you’ll count your lucky stars to be partnered up with a true barbecue expert.It doesn’t really matter what kind of Tennessean you date or where they are from in the state.They could be fancy in a business suit or dressed in jeans and a T-shirt.They can have a Ph D or be working at the local diner.What does matter is their accent is swoon-worthy and they ooze Southern charm.

They are sweet as molasses and know make you feel special.It’s really hard to be upset with someone so charming.Faith runs deep through the hearts of all Tennesseans.Chances are your sweetie is going to know how help you keep faith and keep going when you feel all is lost.More than 55 percent of all Tennesseans are religious and 82 percent of them are Christians.So if you’re looking for a little rock when times get tough, you can count on your Tennessean.