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Steve Phillips is the current framework for Internet subsidiary last image. Steve Philips daughter shook the baseball world demand for the pictures because pictures of 22 years Brooke Hundley.

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I was not particularly interested in ESPN Analyst Steve Phillips’ affair with a 22-year old production assistant named Brooke Hundley. I feel terrible for what his wife and family must be going through, but I don’t know any of the parties involved. And while another married, middle-aged guy sleeping with a 20-something old is pretty pathetic in my view, it doesn’t exactly make for exciting news. Because it is jam-packed with all the lies, crap and bullshit that married men in particular tell the women they are attempting to seduce. But then, a friend of mine sent me a link to Brooke Hundley’s letter to Steve Phillips’ wife. I know this because a lot of women write to me about their dating and relationships problems and I’ve found that I keep hearing the same things over and over again. t), it will only be a matter of time before he leaves you for somebody else (which he would.) Married men who cheat are notorious liars. Like there’s a Midlife Crisis Affair Handbook or something. What To Tell Your Mistress About Why You Can’t Leave Your Wife Gol-durn-it, you’d leave in a second if you’d allow yourself to be happy, but you just couldn’t bear the thought of losing your kids. (The same kids you’re not seeing during all the times you’re shacked up in a hotel room with your mistress, but whatever.) This is especially effective as painting you as a dedicated husband WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY MAKING IT CLEAR THAT YOU ARE a man who has already moved on emotionally because of the specialness of your relationship with your mistress. She’s cold, unfeeling, and she just doesn’t understand you.

This strategy allows you to remain married while you assure your girlfriend that you’d never cheat on her. But clearly, she fell face first in the load of crap that Mr. And please don’t think that I’m letting Brooke off the hook. She is an adult, albeit a young one, and should know better than to sleep with a married man. (Brooke — if you don’t, please email me and I’ll be happy to set you straight. Here’s what I’d like to tell Brooke, and any other woman who is considering getting involved with a married man: Don??? If anybody could benefit from a little dating coaching, it’s you) It is also not my intention to go easy on women who cheat on their husbands — I’m sure they have their own affair playbook. It would seem that he’s painting himself as a sort of a victim of a fatal attraction, even though he did admit he’d slept with Brooke three times in a statement obtained by the New York Post. If you are married, sleeping with other people is wrong. It’s selfish, cruel, and unfair to the person you’re sleeping with. I have heard a number of people say that if a woman sleeps with a married man, she deserves what she gets.