Who is milo ventimiglia dating now

will premiere this spring exclusively on the streaming video app.

"The stories she was telling and the interwoven moments were plucked out of my different relationships and my own digital life." Because of the nature of the stories that will tell, Ventimiglia adds that it was meant for a digital platform like go90.He says he hopes to release the entire series at once to allow people to watch it in one sitting or to view episodes multiple times to catch all the ways that the many characters are connected. "Ten or 15 years ago it would have been an independent film, but nowadays there is no shortage of places to show and tell your stories.That's exciting." Added Frey: "The effect the digital era has had on all of our relationships — how it conveniences them, complicates them, confuses them — is something I’ve wanted to explore through story for some time, taking full advantage of the very tools the story examines to tell the tale." Since launching in October, go90 has struck deals for exclusive content from a number of digital producers including Style Haul, Funny or Die, Maker Studios and Endemol Beyond.The free, ad-supported app will also soon receive original content from Warner Music Group and Sony.slated to launch on Netflix this year (likely in December, according to Lauren Graham!

), one can’t help but wonder, would Rory have met Dean via Bumble?

Perhaps she would have met Logan through friends of friends on Hinge?

Or swiped right on a Tinder binge to stumble upon Jess?

Milo Ventimiglia would beg to differ, at least in regards to his character, Jess.

“I think Jess was a little too old-school [for a dating app],” Ventimiglia told MTV News at the Tribeca Film Festival on Thursday.

“Not old-fashioned like in [a] chivalrous, lay-a-coat-over-a-puddle kind of way, but old-school in that he never struck me as the guy who’s dependent on a phone.