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Misa Hylton-Brim, a hip-hop stylist and fashion coordinator and wife of former Def Jam A&R man Jojo Brim, is the mother of Sean "P. She was raised in the suburbs of Mount Vernon, New York, by both parents until they divorced when she was 5 years old.

Hylton-Brim was born January 6, 1977 to a black father and a Japanese and Jamaican mother.

She was friendly with the kids on the block--one of these kids was Keisha Combs, younger sister of Sean "Puffy" Combs.

That experience changed her life and by 1994 she starts Chyna Doll.

Hylton has two other children with her husband, Niko Devin Brim and Madison Star Brim.

I've heard that she may be divorcing Brim, but have been unable to confirm this...

The search inquires for Misa began in April of 2004 when new of her lawsuit against Puffy was publicized heavily.

She was successful in her bid to increase Combs' child support payments from ,500/mo. The Westchester Family Court had originally awarded Hylton-Brim ,000/mo., which is the approximate amount Combs pays his other baby mama, Kim Porter, for his son Christian, but the amount was reduced by the Appellate Division.

(Child support updates below.) Searchers were originally being directed here due to the previous mention on this...Blog Kimora: COMBS' EX-WIFE LAND LUCRATIVE JOB Update 5.24.05: P. Cha-TV: Interview with Misa Hylton Brim Paper: BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE 2002: MISA HYLTON BRIM You are searching for this...Diddy to Appeal Child Support Order Update 5.10.06: Daddy's appeal supremely unappealing to this... Hylton Brim's Official Website CHYNA DOLL Fansite devoted to this..Find others fans of this... Misa Hylton Brimm chyna doll misa Išči z Googleom: Hylton-Brimmisa hylton-brim chyna doll enterprises Jojo Brim"child support" "misa hyltonpuffy misamisa and p diddy married Was Misa Hylton Brim married to P. Diddy's) high school sweetheart back in the day, and the couple had a son together named Justin.Even though Hylton-Brim isn't dating the rapper anymore, she's broken into the celeb scene in her own right: as a fashion designer and stylist.She told, "Diddy has is own sense of fashion and I have mine. As a stylist I try to learn and grow with every job and I continue to learn various aspects of style and fashion with each opportunity."Misa was once married to Jojo Brim, formerly with Def Jam.