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On 21 April 2009 it was revealed that Tittensor had been released from Emmerdale because of a conviction of grievous bodily harm.Following a meeting with the show's bosses, the decision was taken to terminate Tittensor's contract after almost six years with the soap, due to the serious nature of the charge.Daz came to Emmerdale in 2003 and introduced himself to Andy Sugden (Kelvin Fletcher) as his half-brother after his mother, Denise Eden, went on holiday with her latest boyfriend and left Daz home alone.

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He only believed Daz's story when Billy confirmed it.It was clear Daz needed someone so Andy and his girlfriend Katie (Sammy Winward) took him in.During his time on show, the character has developed and grown up, dividing his time between Butler's Farm and the village.Daz was initially a troublemaker as he had a history of stealing cars but tried to make amends with community service. Katie used this to her advantage when she threatened Daz that if he told Andy about her affair with Robert, she would make sure that he went back into care.Daz ignored her and told Andy regardless so Katie carried out her threat after persuading Andy that Daz was lying.

However, after learning the truth when Katie left Andy for Robert, he visited Daz and persuaded him to return to the farm.Initially it was just Andy and Daz but needing money, Andy allowed Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) and his daughter, Debbie (Charley Webb), to move in.Daz got involved in Cain's schemes but a more serious problem was soon discovered.Andy and Debbie were having a relationship but kept it secret.When Cain found out, he told Andy to end the relationship or he would lead Daz astray.Wanting to protect Daz, Andy ended his relationship with Debbie, unaware that she was pregnant.