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Many of the licensing applications are also heard in this court.

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Despite hearing cases of petty nature, Magistrates courts form the backbone of the judicial system in England and Wales, hearing almost 95% of the civil and criminal cases.

Crown Court As described earlier, Crown Court forms an important part of the superior court system in England and Wales.

It was established under Courts Act 1971 as a court for criminal cases of both original as well as appellate jurisdiction.

UK does not have a single, monolithic judicial system, and while England and Wales have a common legal system, Ireland and Scotland have different legal systems.

The senior courts of England and Wales were referred to as the Supreme Court of England and Wales till 2005.

They comprise the Court of Appeal, High Court of Justice, and the Crown Court.

There is a system of subordinate courts that comprises Magistrates Courts, Family Proceeding Courts, Youth Courts, and the County Courts.

The difference between the Magistrates Court and the Crown Court does not remain confined to a higher and lower court system as there are many other differences that will be outlined in this article.

Magistrates Court Magistrates Court stands at the lowest rung of the legal system in England and Wales.

There is a bench that presides over cases pertaining to petty civil and criminal matters.

The bench comprises three justices of the peace or a district judge.