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Join us for this fun, comfortable, and safe evening of mixing it up with interesting, eclectic and eligible singles.

Brief Dating is a very effective way to meet new people. "I am writing to tell you that the wonderful woman that I met through Brief Dating two years ago and I recently got engaged to be married.

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The third time proved to be a charm for me as we our love for each other grew.

I moved in with my fiance in September 2007 and in December of 2008 we got engaged.

I hope that you will share my success story with your customers and perspective customers to let them know that Brief Dating can result in a lifelong relationship.

Brief Dating for Western Massachusetts Giving Serendipity a Helping Hand... Join us at this FREE intimacy workshop if you are...

Then come to a Singles Meetup to learn more about us! Date: December 13th, 6pm to 9pm Cost: (payment details at Learn more 6 Western Mass Singles A FREE workshop by the Human Awareness Institute (HAI): Find more possibilities for what love can be in your life!

15 Western Mass Singles Brief Dating for Western Massachusetts Meet Your Sweetheart for Winter Snuggling!

Through Meetup, I am enjoying planning events for the community, for single people of all ages, and backgrounds!

"As affordable as Internet Dating with the personal touch of a matchmaker."Are you single? Bud and I met through a Dating Service so we understand what it's like. You probably don't want your personal information on the Internet and you don't want to meet someone at a bar or at work.

Frustrated by Internet Dating and looking for a needle in a haystack? And you want a service you can afford, more affordable even than Internet Dating.

Want to find people chosen for you, who are who they say they are? Look: WHEN IT COMES TIME TO INVEST, YOU CALL A BROKER. WHEN IT COMES TIME TO FIND THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE, DON’T GO IT ALONE. Folks from western MA and folks who can get to western MA easily---we have clients in parts of NY, CT, NH and VT.