Wealthymen dating site

Meet millionaire men and women from North America and Europe looking for someone to date When you sign up for the free trial, you also have to specify if you're looking for online flirting, a travel partner, dating partner, are just 'experimenting' or looking for someone to marry.

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People who're not millionaires and want to date someone attractive will not get verified by Wealthy

While you can have a free membership at Wealthy Men.com, there are several advantages if you get a paid membership.

We recommend doing so, strongly especially because you're dealing with well paid professionals and millionaires.

Wealthy is a dating website which brings together millionaire men, earning over 0,000 and women wanting to marry these rich men.

UPDATE: Based on feedback we have received Millionaire Match is a much better wealthy dating website.

They have a large member base from USA, Canada and Europe. You can visit Wealthy and search for men by zip code.We searched for a single zip code in NY city and found over 2000 matches! When you want to see the complete profile, you'll be prompted to sign up with them. You can always upgrade your membership later if you choose to, beginning from .95.You can browse profiles by zip code, area locator or even by username.When you sign up you're asked about your age, body type, sexual preferences and some other basic details.This means if you're looking for a gay millionaire partner, then too Wealthy is a site you can sign up with.Although it's not projected as a gay dating site, you will also find gays and bisexuals looking for partners, here.