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we got out of our clothes and were ******* pretty...My boyfriend and I are in a very loving D/s relationship.Most of what we do, sexually, is to ensure he has the pleasure he wants, and that he ALWAYS comes first.

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I knew he wasn't into it as he had expressed this during our video viewing, so I knew it didn't...

When I was 14 my friend came to spend the night with me. hi im amy i am a crossdresser and i love to be humiliated and degraded. i have been told to **** on myself or into a glass and drink it i loved when i was told to wet myself and takepics i just love how humiliating it is. Let me start by explaining that for as long as I can remember, I've enjoyed wetting my pants.

We were on the same baseball team and he was a little of a loner so I felt sorry for him. This past summer, I had the apartment to myself for the weekend and was feeling incredibly horny after reading some of the stories on this site. All the way back to like Kindergarten, I can remember doing it on purpose just because it made me feel good.

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I was at the local bar and hit it off with one of the other patrons there. We were going at it pretty heavy so we moved into the bedroom and it escalated from there.