no hidden fee dating site Validating input php

While Validating a HTML form the client side validation is not only enough.

We are using this function to check if all the text fields are empty or not.

We are using isset() to check the gender radio button is checked or not.

We are validating email format by using PHP filter_var() function.

The code is, $value) { if(empty($_POST[$key])) { $message = ucwords($key) .

" field is required"; break; } } /* Validation to ensure gender is selected */ if(!

isset($_POST["gender"])) { $message = " Gender field is required"; } /* Validation to ensure about if the checkbox is checked or not */ if(!isset($_POST["terms"])) { $message = " Check the box to accept Terms and conditions"; } /* Validation about the right format of user email */ if(! filter_var($_POST["user Email"], FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL)) { $message = "Invalid User Email"; } } Hello!I am Vincy, a PHP Developer and Php Pot is my programming blog.My specialities are e Commerce, shopping carts, social networks and modern web applications development. Write to me to start working on your dream project.GUMP is a standalone PHP data validation and filtering class that makes validating any data easy and painless without the reliance on a framework.These functions check the validity of a UK postcode specified by the supplied parameter. The definition of a valid postcode has been taken from the official specification, and from the list of BFPO codes.