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The BSA Multi-Purpose Sighting Systems are a wonderful light weight sight for close quarter and medium range targets. The drilling and tapping for the Weaver #42 mounts was a challenge but it went well and the scope is solid on the rifle.

Light enough for small calibers plicking on the range, yet durable enough for larger calibers used by hunters and law enforcement departments. I returned from the range a few minutes ago and I do believe that I have just converted my old "plinker" into a 1st class varmint rifle. I bought this from Academy sports three years ago and mounted on my 870 shotgun and used it for deer and hog hunting. In fact I killed a big buck about 150 yds out on 11 Nov 12 with no problem at all.

Could not believe how great of a sight it is and I ended up paying .00 for it. Yesterday I finished mounting an RD30 on my old Remington 512 bolt action .22 rifle.

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Have it on my AR-15 in .22lr and have only had to sight it in one time.I am fixing to get me another one for my .50cal black powder.The best there is out there with the cheapest price and very reliable. They work great on low to moderate recoiling firearms (22, SKS, 38 Spl) but they don't seem to be able to handle heavy recoil.I have these scopes on two 357 Mags and the red dot disappears with the firing of each full power load.Momentarily turning the intensity knob off detent and then back into contact restores the dot but this must be done for each full power round fired.

Avoid full power, heavy recoiling loads and they'll do fine. In Arizona average day sun, you can see the dot when its set to 6 or 7. The adjustable mount seems good in practice but mine was flimsy and flew off my gun. Overall a 3 out of 5.i put this on my 44mag [thats right 44mag] revolver just to see how it will do, well after 100 rounds of my hunting reloads it still holds zero, only thing i can complain about is how hadr it is o turn the adj.

I added an extra bolt and nut this time and it seems ok. dial, other than that so far so good, pghrich I have the Aftermath RD30 which is the exact same sight as the BSA and I love it.

BSA customer service was ok even though they sent me the wrong thing the first time( lens caps) they let me keep them when they replaced the mount. Has a clear & bright field of view, mounts securly with no play & seems to increase the scene brightness with it's execellent lens coatings.

Both sights are made in China but are very well made for the price with the Aftermath being a little lower priced and both are Gamo inports...

My wife bought this sight for me to mount on the new 10/22 that gave to me.

at first it worked fine, now maybe three years later, when I fire it, the red dot go's out, and I have to turn the dial back to another setting ,and then back to the one I want, every shot. Bought this on an impulse when picking up my new Ruger Charger.