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With Far Harbor arriving on May 19, it seems likely that the Creation Kit options will arrive for Xbox One the week of May 23.

Aside from the Fallout 4 Creation Kit, the studio have also provided a revamped Survival Mode, now playable on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Survival Mode is truly a challenge, pitting players against a much harsher Wasteland, where enemies prove deadlier and the lack of quick-saving can cause some major headaches.

One of the biggest changes is to weight, with Stimpacks and ammo now adding to your carry limit, players have found themselves having to choose between their favourite weaponry.

Aí pessoal mais um mod bacana para ets2, se trata de um mega ônibus da Mercedes Benz com uma skin do xbox one, bem legal mesmo, o link para download segue abaixo, confiram aí, like+favoritem+inscreva-se, valeu e abraço!

UPDATE ONE: Bethesda have released more details on the Fallout 4 mod support coming to Xbox One later this month.

The Studio have started to accept players who want to join the Mod Closed Beta, those interested should follow the link to the official Bethesda website to sign up.Those who want to be part of it need to be registered, the sign up page asks fans for their gamertag and information on their current Fallout 4 game.It is unclear how big the Xbox One Fallout 4 Mod beta will be, only a selection of those who enter will get the chance to try out the new feature before its release.Bethesda confirmed earlier this week that Xbox One mod support was likely to arrive after the release of Fallout 4: Far Harbor.NVIDIA are launching their own contest for Fallout 4 modders, here the information on what's it about: "The newly-announced FALLOUT 4 Mod Contest features prize packs for 20 modders, including a massive grand prize that includes ,000, a custom-modded Fallout 4 PC, and engineering support for prospective developers from NVIDIA."Winners of each of the four mod categories (explained in further detail on NVIDIA’s blog) will get their hands on ,000, an NVIDIA Ge Force GTX GPU, and a Bethesda gift bag, which has a PC Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition, a Fallout 4 Funko Pop figure, a Fallout 4 bobblehead (bobblehead may vary), a Fallout 4 Nuka Cola hat (hat may vary), a Fallout 4 shirt (shirt may vary), and a Fallout 4 Vault Boy mask."And last but definitely not least, 16 finalists will bring home an NVIDIA Ge Force GTX GPU, and a Bethesda gift bag with all the same goodies listed above."While PS4 fans look set to have to wait until next month, Xbox One users can look forward to trying out new fan-made content very soon.The game will receive a closed beta for the new feature after the release of Fallout 4: Far Harbor, it will be the first time a game has tried such an ambitious modding project on a console.