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Java Script is a first-class language in Visual Studio.

You can use most or all of the standard editing aids (code snippets, Intelli Sense, and so on) when you write Java Script code in the Visual Studio IDE.

You can write Java Script code for many application types and services.

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Specific versions of Visual Studio, or specific Visual Studio extensions, may be required to develop particular application types and services using HTML and Java Script. Now you can iterate over iterable objects (including arrays, array-like objects, and iterators), invoking a custom iteration hook with statements to be executed for the value of each distinct property.

For more information, see Iterators and Generators (Java Script).

The Array Object (Java Script), Math Object (Java Script), Number Object (Java Script), Object Object (Java Script), and String Object (Java Script) built-in objects include many new utility functions and properties for manipulating and inspecting data.

Objects now support computed properties, concise method definitions, and shorthand syntax for properties whose value is initialized to a same-named variable.

For more information, see Creating Objects (Java Script).

Symbol objects allow properties to be added to existing objects with no possibility of interference with the existing object properties, with no unintended visibility, and with no other uncoordinated additions by other code. For example, a new escape sequence format supports astral code points (code points with more than four hexadecimal digits).

For more information, see Special Characters (Java Script).

Are you a Java Script app developer who connects to a web service? Http Client API you have access to cookies, control over caching, and can set and get headers using strong types. (And it’s not just for Windows Store apps: it works on the desktop, as well.) If you want to just jump into the documentation, there’s reference material that includes quick code snippets and a full sample.

If so, there’s a new HTTP API in Windows 8.1 that improves on the abilities of the Win and XMLHttp Request functions. There’s also a powerful system for modularizing your network code, giving it access to the HTTP processing pipeline. In this blog post you’ll see an overview of Http Client programming, get a walkthrough of converting a Java Script program to use the new API, and read about the advantages of the new API. Http namespace and the two sub-namespaces Headers and Filters.

Let’s get started with an overview of the new classes! These namespaces contain a family of classes that work together to give you an easy-to-use but powerful HTTP API, as shown below: In this diagram, borrowed from the Http Client poster on the Microsoft Download center, light green is your code.

On the left side is the business logic for your app.