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Many vehicles, such as Ford cars and trucks, are equipped with a GPS navigation system.This navigation system offers drivers spoken directions, and features Bluetooth connectivity and a Gracenote-enabled sound system.

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From the website's main page, click "Store," then use the menus on the left to choose "Built-in, Factory Installed" and "Ford." Use the next two boxes to choose the Ford's model and year.Select the update to purchase, and follow the instructions to supply your personal information to purchase the disk and have it shipped to you.Click "Add to Cart" and "Purchase." As of November 2010, the update is priced at 9. Insert the DVD into the Ford navigation system while the vehicle's engine is running.Enter the authentication code to begin the update, if prompted to do so. Remove the DVD from the system's disk drive when an "Update Complete" message appears on the screen.Press the "MEDIA" button on the navigation system, then touch the "Jukebox" tab on the system's touchscreen.

Touch "Options," then "Update Album Information from CD database." The Gracenote CD information database is updated with the most current information.

, AVIC-Z2, or AVIC-Z1 HDD Navigation unit to identify album, song, and artist names. UDX All of these files must be copied to the root of the CD and should not be copied into any folders.

Updates to this database are released periodically, and can be updated by downloading and installing the latest update. Please note that the CD you record must be in one of the following formats using Mode 1: ISO9660 level1/level2, Joliet, or Romeo. With your Pioneer HDD Navigation unit turned on, insert the update CD into the drive. Once the CD is inserted, your Pioneer HDD Navigation unit will show that it is “Checking disc” and “CD-ROM inserted” for approximately 45 seconds and then prompt you to start the update process.

To download the files and install the update, follow the instructions below. If you are not prompted to start the update, there may be a problem with your CD.

If your browser does not automatically start the download process, be sure that your browser or security software is set to allow downloading of files from this web site. Be sure that you have burned the CD properly in one of the proper formats. An icon will appear indicating that the update is taking place.

You can also right-click the file name and select “Save As” to start the download process. Once you have downloaded the file to your computer, locate the file on your hard disk drive and double click the file to decompress it. Your Pioneer HDD Navigation will prompt you when the update is complete.