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This is the first of 16 pages cataloging all the on-line resources with substantive information about diabetes. That's because diabetes is one disease where poor treatment leads to complications that are much worse than the disease itself and where successful treatment depends much more on the individual than on the doctor.

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But like just about everything else on the Internet and the rest of on-line space, this support and these information resources for people with diabetes are fragmented and hard to find.This Web page brings together in one place descriptions of and links to all those places where people with diabetes can find resources that they can use.Those links that I think are especially valuable are marked in The American Diabetes Association published a review of this Web site at their Web site on June 16, 1997.A copy of the review — which I wrote — can be accessed here.A copy of another review of this site — this one written for by Michael Castleman — can be accessed here and at Because of the explosion in number of Web sites, in order for it to load in a reasonable time it's now necessary to divide this FAQ into separate Web pages.

In February 1995 when I started to keep track of "On-line Resources for Diabetics" (as I called it originally) the Internet had two mailing lists, two newsgroups, and two other Web sites dealing with diabetes (plus two each reachable by ftp or gopher).

By June 1997 the number of diabetes Web sites had increased to about 250 and a year later it was about 500.

This page will continue to include e-mail mailing lists, newsgroups, IRC, and non-Internet resources.

Because Web-based mailing lists serve the same support function as e-mail mailing lists and newsgroups, the are included on this page, the only part of the Web that is included here.

But from this page you will also be able to jump to 13 separate pages listing different Web sites.

Starting March 5, 1999, within each page these sites are listed with the one I discovered most recently first.