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While I encourage you try a DSLR camera, I also shoot with a Go Pro Hero 4 Black (the one with the display screen). The right Go Pro accessories and tips can make the action camera a better alternative for your travel photography needs.

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You can also upload your photos to Google Drive, Flickr or Drop Box until you get home and put them on a second external hard drive. There is nothing like learning how to take incredible photos, going to a spectacular destination, investing in photography equipment — and then just not getting to keep your photos. I like this hard drive because it stores a ton of photos and videos.This allows me to shoot large files that are better for quality editing. I also keep a back up of this back up at my parents’ house in case I lose it or use it to the point that the wire breaks.Bonus Tip: Instead of organizing my photos by dates, I organize them by destination + year For endurance during extended video or time-lapse pieces, connect your Go Pro to this portable power pack by Go Pro.It has dual USB ports and a battery status indicator.Re-charge two Go Pros in two hours with a tool that fits in your pocket.

When you’re traveling, you don’t always have time to go through your best content. Not only do you save with a pack of three, but these are easy-access to connecting your micro-SD to your computer.You are likely also capturing way more content when you’re at home. Look, Go Pro was designed for action sports, but not everyone packs a screw.You need to screw and unscrew your equipment together.It’s lightweight and best for action sports that require super tight mounts.It doubles up as a bottle opener and can be attached to your key ring.If you’re taking a vespa road trip, or taking on the slopes for skiing and snowboarding use a ROUNDED mount to fit snugly on your helmet.