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Tracy Moore is the host of Canada’s longest running lifestyle show Cityline.

From Monday to Friday on City Tracy can be seen across the country trying DIY projects, learning new recipes and sizing up the latest fashions.

Aside from being an energetic mom to two young children, she is known for her laid back style, easy laugh and love of fashion, fitness and all things shoe-related.

Her professionalism, work ethic and engaging personality helped her advance from CTV intern to CBC videographer, back-up host and Newsworld anchor.This helped lead to a reporter/anchor position on Toronto1’s daily news magazine Toronto Tonight.In the fall of 2005, Tracy joined Toronto’s number one morning show, City’s Breakfast Television as its live reporter.Within months she was backing up the show’s lead anchor in addition to covering live breaking news events.After eight years in the media business Tracy took a brief break in 2008 to have her first child, Sidney Nicolas.

She says, returning after maternity leave to a position like hosting Cityline was an incredible way to re-enter the work force! Tracy says being a mommy is hands down her biggest accomplishment to date.She’s also been known to say juggling two young children, a husband and a career takes the balancing skills of a tight-rope walker and the juggling skills of an octopus.If she’s learned anything it’s that most situations can be handled with a healthy dose of laughter.Outside of her work on-air Tracy made a name for herself as a volunteer early in her career by initiating a speakers’ series in Toronto high schools, talking to students about non-violence and media literacy.She counts as one of her top priorities boosting the self-esteem of young girls.To this end, she emcees the ‘Girls On The Run’ event every year.