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Especially in rural areas, it was not easy to find a partner of the same religion or the same social class.Kinfolk were often used to help find the right partner.Later, this task was increasingly given to a hired marriage broker.

Matchmaking is therefore not an invention of the internet, but rather goes back many hundreds of years.The development of the internet has, however, revolutionized matchmaking as much as the invention of printing did five centuries ago.With the internet, matchmaking services have taken on a whole new importance in Western culture. The internet is making it easier to communicate across national borders.Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ allow new acquaintances and friendships to be made.

In addition, online dating sites are enjoying great popularity.Many couples who come to the altar in our day have met each other through an online dating service.Whether we're looking for new friendships, shopping for clothes, or trying to find the man or woman of our dreams, the internet is rapidly changing our lives in many ways!"Love knows no boundaries" is what Generation Love, one of the most popular online dating services for Eastern Europeans, stands for.For many years, Generation Love has been successfully bringing singles from East and West together.In Eastern Europe and in various countries in Asia, such as India, matchmaking has been in existence for centuries and continues to play a crucial role in finding a partner to this day.