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If you are not able to receive emails in Mozilla Thunderbird, you can do the following: 1.

Make sure your Mozilla Thunderbird has been configured correctly. Make sure you are not having problems connecting to the POP3 / IMAP server: https:// 3. If you are using c Panel, you can log in there and go to Mail, Email accounts.

Increase the quota twice to make sure this is not the problem; 4. If you are a Site Ground customer, the easiest way to fix similar problems is by using Siteground's DNS servers: https:// Setting up your email is easy when you have the right host by your side.

"Thunderbird is already running, but not responding.To open a new window you must close the existing thunderbird process, or restart your system."Which, of course, you have already tried—to no avail.If Mozilla Thunderbird refuses to start and complains about another instance or a profile in use instead, the cause may be a stale profile lock left from a crashing instance of Mozilla Thunderbird, for example.You can remove the file that locks your profile and try to get Mozilla Thunderbird starting again.Mozilla has decided to speed up the release cycle of Thunderbird and Firefox.

This is all good except that it often breaks Add-ons.If you want to do the update manually, when you feel like it or when you know the all important plugins you use are compatible with the new version, you may follow the instructions to disable automatic update of Thunderbird and Firefox. I found that previous version of Thunderbird and Firefox are not always easy to find on the Mozilla Website.The Software Update feature allows you to automatically update your Mozilla application and installed add-ons (extensions and themes, but not plugins).Software Update is available in Firefox, Thunderbird, and Sea Monkey 2.This article describes how to configure and run Software Update and discusses problems that can occur during or after an update.When an update is found, follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the update.