Thought catalog dating in new york

When I first started this blog I was obsessed with reading articles on Thought Catalog.

One day at the end of April 2014 I received an email from on TC writer named Lance Pauker who dug my article that was a humorous look at depression.

I had written it during the end of a particularly hard episode of depression and the writing…

well the writing took me out of my head and onto a page in the most cathartic way.

He published my first article and my second and my third and continued to do as I wrote an average of three articles per week and sometimes more.

I would stay up till 3 am typing furiously on my computer spilling out feelings and thoughts and listicles until I would tire myself out and sleep. I was moving to a new state having just broken up with my long time boyfriend and trying my best to date again.

It was endless the amount of things I had to say and Lance helped me develop my voice every step of the way in a manner that I, to this day will always be grateful for.

The more I wrote the more I felt as if I was apart of a community of people just like me.

I started connecting with staffers and other freelance writers from the site in a way that I had only dreamed about months prior.

A featured writer on the site, Raul Felix, a satire writer and all around badass at the time and I connected right away.

He lived in LA and I was spending the summer in Sacramento and we instantly clicked.

Through texts and Facebook messages we would talk about everything from our writing to life in general and set up a plan to meet when I would be driving through LA later that summer.