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Happy now with husband Jim, will miss you so much until we meet again. Dawson Christine (Tattersall) Sadly passed away on 30th August 2016 Silent thoughts, secret tears, a simple wish that you were here.

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He will be sadly missed by his beloved wife Brenda, daughter Samantha, all his family and many friends.Funeral service at South Bristol Crematorium on Wednesday 28th September at 11.00am. 44, male, Bristol, Somersetfootball playing watching music listening. Not sure why I bother as people dont seem very committed in meeting.Celebrate right here with your friends and loved ones by leaving birth, birthday and all other congratulations notices.Leave messages and photo’s, share stories and upload video footage to mark that special occasion in a unique way.

When a love one passes away it is a difficult and confusing time.

Here our guide takes you through how to arrange a funeral or ceremony, who you need to inform and other information you may find helpful.

For those who are not sure here is a photo from Bristol's Instagram account showing that ugly ass mirror.

Hanging out with the ex, while drinking rum and coke in the middle of the day.

If this does not have "accidental pregnancy part deux" written all over it I will eat my hat.

BOULT Ethel Hilda A wonderful mum who was always there for us, good and bad times, she had suffered over the last few years but now no more pain or confusion.