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After that experience, you would think that I had my eyes open to the scam artists out there. In my 2nd experience I met a guy that introduced himself to me by stating his name, that he was a pilot, had lost his wife and had no children. We chatted online for a few months before I ever met him.

I knew this guy was real, but at the same time knew something wasn't right.

I finally met him, he seemed nice enough and I even asked him if that was his real name.

You know the answer: Of course that was his real name.

I saw him a few times and finally I invited him over.

It was that night that I came across some information that would soon lead me to find out who he really was. To no one's surprise, I found out he was using a fictitious name, was not a pilot, was married and had a child.

Through my investigation, I found out where he worked and I went and confronted him.I really liked him, felt we had a connection of sorts.He had a funny sense of humor and we had some great conversations.Truth of the matter was that I fell for his low self esteem story.Quite honestly, it really hurt that once again, I had fallen for someone who was not who they said they were. How many times are you willing to find out after the fact, that you are involved with someone who has lied to you from the beginning? Are you interested in taking steps to protect yourself from frauds?In reality, it can happen to anyone who is out there and interested in making a real connection. I no longer will go out with a guy that I can't verify. I will investigate him so that I know who I am going out with. Since I have had my eyes opened, I have become very passionate about helping others who want to enjoy dating.