The dating wizard seduction mastery apprenticeship program

Similarly, if a woman is feeling the emotion of FEAR, then you are going to have to learn to make her feel comfort first.

If you try to go straight into attraction when she is emotionally CLOSED to it, all you will get is her emotional WALL.

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Finally, for total success, you also need to develop an IN DEPTH UNDERSTANDING of female psychology.

This is what it takes to REALLY have success, consistently, with the strikingly gorgeous women out there in the real world.

Regardless of who you are, saint or bastard, this is what success boils down to. Roger took what he learned from the Wizard out to a bar recently...homing in on the object of his desire...

Do you know what the most important factor is when it comes to attracting women?

If you look around, at the guys who have gorgeous women crazy about them, it's hard to come up with a common denominator unless you can "see" what's really going on.

You'll see that the guys who have success with women don't have a particular look, body, financial situation, age, or race.In fact, they even have different personalities as well. The difference that actually MAKES the difference is whether a guy has learned the full complexities of how attraction WORKS, and whether he has the WILL to apply what he has learned so that he can develop into all that he can really be in this area.Contrary to popular belief, attraction is NOT a simple emotion at ALL.In fact, ALL emotions are intertwined with each other, and unless you understand how ALL emotions work, and how to trigger ANY emotion, you cannot become a master at attracting women.This is not only because other emotions can be tapped in such a way to MASSIVELY ENHANCE attraction, which is a huge and advanced topic in itself, but also from a sheer psychological perspective, you simply can't always go straight into attraction.For example, if you meet a woman coming home from a stressful day at work who is in a really negative state, your ability to create the emotion of CALM in her is critical, so that she can now be RECEPTIVE to getting picked up and RECEPTIVE to feeling attraction for you.