Text sex chat with robot for women

One person told me they had a sexting game in mind.

I was thinking about how texting, sexting is such a multimedia experience.There’s text, images, sound clips, videos, and if you have an i Phone you even have an ellipsis, that dot dot dot, total anticipation.I always thought that would be interesting to make into a narrative. You just need to have your phone on you, which you do, you have it on you all the time. On our phones, we’re all constantly doing a million things. At first, it was just general, I could write around a photo and slot them in.div.posting div.posting_title h2 span.icons { display:block !was that the future will have no more lonely nights and many more robot lovers, then we’ve got some great news for you, friend.

Game developer Kara Stone has created the prototype for a sex-craved AI. Folks that are strictly looking for a quick and spicy sexting fix can now find it in Sext Adventure, a text message-based game that offers humorous choose-your-own-adventure dirty talk with a robot.Starting with simple enough questions to set the mood—light those scented candles—Sext Adventurenameless, formless AI will talk dirty to you and sext pics. When messages become strange and vague, you may remember you’re becoming intimate with a robot.Even nude pictures can become glitched, narrative branches hiccup and randomize, while the intelligence gets a little lost admitting to you it’s making assumptions about eroticism since it has no bodily experience to go off of.That being said, it can still send you some wild stuff like, "You're such a dirty slut. " In my sessions, Sext Adventureended with talking about strangling me then asking to send feedback to its creators, thanking me for being patient.I also forgot to turn my data on, since I was at home, and when I did a barrage of pictures hemorrhaged into my message feed: fuzzy bras, ass grabs and cum shots all courtesy of a nameless robot on the other end of a dirty sext exchange.It was a mysterious experience and I had a lot of questions for Kara Stone about making Sext Adventure by now? I thought at certain points I had to rush to get this, that someone else must get this idea soon.