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Teens also may need help getting away from a dangerous relationship, and there are people who can help them do so safely, like local police, health care professionals, or domestic teen violence prevention centers.

If a teen is in serious or immediate danger from dating violence or abuse, call a community domestic violence prevention center or the police for help.Alex suggests that he would feel more comfortable in his and Shelby’s relationship if he had the password to her Facebook. 81 percent of users on our new ‘Cool Not Cool’ mobile quiz agree!He wants to make sure none of the guys posting on Shelby’s wall are flirting with her. ‘Cool Not Cool’ is the newest addition to our arsenal of tools to prevent teen dating abuse and promote healthy digital boundaries.Teen dating violence is alarmingly common, but it may be hard to spot.This teen dating violence quiz can help teens and concerned friends and family members recognize if a teen may be in danger of dating violence.

Think someone you love may be a victim of dating violence? Though as many as one in three teens may be a victim of teen dating violence, not all teens or their friends or family members recognize when there is a problem in a teen's relationship.

Teens often lack experience with relationships and may not realize that their's is unhealthy and could lead to emotional or physical harm or even death.

Teens also may not tell friends or family members about dating violence, especially if they are afraid or if they want to be loyal to their boy or girlfriend.

Teen dating violence can happen to teens of any gender, ethnicity, or social or economic background. Teens may be in danger of teen dating violence if they or their friends or family members can answer yes to any of the following questions in our teen violence dating quiz.

Does their boy or girlfriend: Teens who answered yes to any of these teen dating violence quiz questions should try talking to an adult they can trust, like a family member, school counselor, or doctor, about their relationship.

They may need help learning about healthy relationships and avoiding dating violence.