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The pre-requisites required are: Code Snippet 2: running the above T-SQL script will enable CLR on the database server, ensure the database you are going to be using assemblies in is trustworthy and registers the pre-requisite components. The pre-requisites are installed in UNSAFE mode since they contain code that is not certified safe.(download a copy here: Active Directory_Pre Reqs.sql) If you make use of the code snippet you’ll need to supply your database name and the locations of the . If you try to register the assemblies as SAFE you will be presented with an error showing the areas of the code that are not certified safe.We are now ready to deploy our assembly that contains the code in Code Snippet 1.

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(download a copy here: Deploy_Assembly.sql) You will need to edit code snippet 3 with the database name and the folder that you have built the assembly [created by Code Snippet 1] to.

Once you have run this script, you are in the position to test it.

Code Snippet 4: testing the deployment was successful.

Have you ever needed to determine an authenticated user’s Active Directory (AD) group memberships from within SQL Server?

It makes sense if you are able to utilise AD to decide a user’s role or permissions in an application.

This reduces the development time required to develop a custom permissions model, and allows the helpdesk, maintenance and operations team keep track of user privileges from one place.It seems SQL Server 2005 does not have an out of box solution to this.Searching the various support forums and search engines lead me down the Managed . Microsoft calls this building a database object with common language runtime (CLR) integration. why not go down the SQL Server Integration Services route to gather an export from Active Directory…why would you query LDAP each time a query in SQL Server is executed? This is important to remember, as it is required later when registering the assembly. Sql Function] tag to let SQL server know this is intended to be used in place of a typical SQL Server function.These are important design decisions that are really down to the required functionality. NET 2.0 targeted, but 3.5 uses the same CLR engine, so we are able to make use of things like LINQ and additional Active Directory components. Code Snippet 1 – the assembly that will be built into a DLL in Visual Studio 2008 (download a copy here: ADIntegration.cs) The code snippet creates a class ‘ADIntegration’ in the ‘Spitting CAML. The functionality of this method is as follows: I have tagged the method ‘Is Group Member’ with the ‘[Microsoft. One your assembly is built, it is almost ready to be put into a database of your choice, as an object. NET 2.0 features are available in SQL Server 2005, as the code has to meet certain criteria to be included in the ‘safe’ category.You can find out another way to achieve this here: How To Get Active Directory Users and Groups Using SQL Server Integration Services SSIS 2005 Ok, so I am now going to build a CLR assembly in Visual Studio 2008 with the target framework set to . You’ll notice we make use of LINQ and Directory Services. NET 2.0 it is necessary for you to install some pre-requisites in order to gain access to . Read more about safe, unsafe and external access assemblies: here.