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In 2006, it was reported that Vijayalakshmi attempted suicide by overdosing sleeping pills after being harassed by an assistant director who wanted to marry her.Hong Kong TVB actress Grace Chan does not mind being referred to as "Kevin Cheng's girlfriend" by the media and TV fans.

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So I shouldn't mind it if he's what people always associate me with." Another reason, perhaps, why she is undaunted by the label is that she never feels slighted in their relationship despite the wide gap in both their ages and star status. "Whenever we're together, I'm happy and comfortable enough that I never feel like a shadow." The pair reportedly started dating after filming Blue Veins together last year.

She says: "We're equal partners in the relationship. She plays a woman who pines for his vampire hunter character.

Unlike other celebrities in relationships, she is open when asked about her romantic life, spilling details of their Valentine's Day - they had "a quiet home-cooked meal" - and mentions that she met Cheng's mother during Chinese New Year.

Vijayalakshmi acted in nearly 40 films in her career. During her stint as an actress she was recognized for her beauty and performance. She returned to Tamil film industry again with the comedy film Boss Engira Bhaskaran, which became one of 2010's biggest successes.

She had acted in Tamil films Friends and Soori of which the former was a big hit.

The first film of Vijayalakshmi was Nagamandala based on folk tale opposite Prakash Raj.In Telugu she was recognized from the film Hanuman Junction.She had also acted in one Malayalam film with Praveen.She has also acted in quite a few Tamil television serials.She also was an anchor of a game show Bangarada Bete, produced by Radaan Media Works.After her move away from Tamil language films, Vijayalakshmi settled in Bangalore, where she had earlier pursued her studies.