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, no one thought she would make it this far, especially her fellow competitors.She had entered the game with one of the biggest targets on her back, due to the reputation she had built as a devious and conniving player in her previous run, , where she emerged triumphantly as the winner.Despite the winning streak the Villains tribe had at the beginning of the game, Parvati got off to a rocky start.

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While she very nearly got voted out, Parvati avoided her date with Jeff Probst’s snuffer mainly thanks to her closest ally Russell Hantz, who played his hidden immunity idol on her in the ultimate hail mary play.

After surviving that extremely close call, Parvati was able to find some footing in the game, and now at the merge, she had her first opportunity to really play, and what she did with that opportunity was something truly magical. It’s not just the legendary double idol play that made this episode phenomenal, it’s the overall story of how the Heroes tribe came into the merge riding high on the heels of a comeback, only to watch them get totally utterly played, all of their games crumbling beneath their feet.

To be fair, some of them had a sneaking suspicion that a downfall could be coming their way, but instead of acting on it, they ignored the warning signs and charged full speed ahead and ultimately paid the price for their actions.

The biggest proponent of the Heroes’ (allegedly) imminent success was JT Thomas and the Survivor storytellers had a lot of fun at his expense.

If Parvati’s legacy received the biggest boost this episode, then JT’s took the biggest hit.

JT came into this season a winner as well, playing one of the more dominant, and the first statistically perfect game, two seasons ago in But by the end of this episode, all of the goodwill he had developed his previous season evaporated as he suffered his first Survivor defeat, the seeds of which were sewn in the last episode.In one of the most questionable decisions in Survivor history, JT willingly handed over his hidden immunity idol to Russell on the Villains’ side, believing him to be the next victim of the all-female alliance headed by Parvati.By the look of it, the decision seemed to be a semi-decent one; Russell was the only guy left on his tribe, and Parvati’s black widow reputation spoke for itself.By giving Russell the idol, JT was making a play for the merge, hoping to gain a new ally for the Heroes’ side and to take out Parvati at the same time.To JT, Russell seemed like an honest, good ol’ Southern boy, which speaks to the huge advantage Russell had going into this season- nobody had seen his previous season.Russell was able to buy into JT’s beliefs about him, despite being one of the biggest villains Survivor had ever seen.