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What adds to the just-like-Tokyo feel is the laneway it’s hidden in – I’d never ever walked down this side street before, but the surprise sight of a bar all-aglow and buzzing with people in an unremarkable, easy-to-overlook spot is one of the glorious features of Japan. Tokyo Bird, Shop 2, 226-228 Commonwealth St (entry on Belmore Lane), Surry Hills NSW (02) 8880 0788, Follow Tokyo Bird on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. When not blogging with my mouth full, I'm usually writing, presenting Local Fidelity on FBi radio, making zines, producing podcasts or continually breaking promises about how I really am gonna get through my book pile one day.

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I pay for all the food mentioned, 'cos it seems the ethical thing to do.

And really, what is cyber sex without taking in the view of such lovely things?

Last night I joined my mates the first ever Project Sweet Stuff Gathering; a Thanksgiving dinner at Sydney’s Brooklyn Hide.

I was armed with my camera and tripod and couldn’t wait to get snapping.

When I entered the cafe, I decided it might be a good idea to capture some … Having followed this yakitori bar on Instagram for nearly a year, it’s nice to see that it’s transformed from small-screen pixels and eatery-in-progress to an establishment you can step inside and happily sink a few hours.It’s still early days (it only opened on Boxing Day, after all), but so far Tokyo Bird offers a small menu of skewers – Bacon Tomato, Shiitake, Cheese Sausage, Eggplant, etc – and the yakitori section surgically extracts any possible parts from a chicken and sticks it all on a grill (Thigh, Wing, Livers, Giblets).It’s decently priced for Surry Hills (- for two serves of skewers), and you can notch up other Japanese accompaniments, too, like Renkon Chips (.50) with chilli mayo and a good mound of Potato Salad (.50).Co-owner Jason Ang used to work at Sokyo and was keen to create a yakitori bar that doesn’t forget the actual bar element – in fact, he wanted to balance both parts, and not make it seem like the drinking or dining component was just a support role for the other.So there’s a compact list of Japanese beers, Asian-inspired cocktails, wines and Japanese whisky flights available from Monday to Friday.