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Make sure to take it in front of a smeared bathroom mirror with bad lighting and the camera hiding half of your face.Or choose someone else’s photo — it doesn’t have to be yours. Profile Info — If your age and three kids are getting in the way of your imminent romance, don’t bother mentioning it.Try to get a few dates in and get/make someone pregnant, and the glow from starting a new family will supersede the “stepkids” scenario. When you list your “Hobbies/Interests,” it’s also a good idea to steal photos online to boost your credibility and swagger.They can’t tell that’s not you in the whitewater river rafting adventure or jumping dirt bikes at the Red Bull challenge.Be that girl in the background dancing on Diddy’s yacht with a screen-grab from the video! Send winks and pokes and fists and stickers and let your new crush know that you are 100% available to meet at that one sad motel, or heck, the alley behind Carl’s Jr.Crop-dust online like your ass is liquidated and everything must go!