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Stocking Island is a small, long, narrow island off the port of Georgetown, Great Exuma Island, Bahamas. Stocking Island is lightly inhabited, with a population of only 10.

It is located 1 mile (1.6 km) from Government Dock, Georgetown, across the harbor.

The long narrow island protects Georgetown from ocean waves, creating a natural harbor.

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The glass top portion is missing, but the concrete pillar is visible for miles.

The central part of Stocking Island features an inlet known as Hurricane Hole where sailboats anchor for protection during storms, and which features a blue hole.

Opposite Hurricane Hole is a sandbar beach called the Spit where locals have built a popular bar/restaurant accessible only by boat known as Chat and Chill.

Modern hosiery contains lycra which makes it very stretchy and sizing is not so important.

Although some stockings in the 1940s and 1950s were made from stretch nylon, most of our stockings are made from non stretch nylon which makes sizing critical - and sizing will vary from style to style.

If it is your first time wearing real nylons please double check the size is correct for you before opening, and if you are unsure contact us for livechat so we can put your mind at rest.

Our Retro Seamed Stockings are made from 15 denier stretch nylon with elastane, which means that just 2 sizes cover sizes 4-14, 5ft to 5ft 11.

The stretch nylon also means that the welts (stocking tops) stretch which make them comfortable for larger thighs.

Our Fully Fashioned Stockings and Nylons range are made in one of the last three remaining Fully Fashioned Stocking mills in the world, in Nottingham, in the heart of England (alas, the last US factory closed a couple of years ago).

Both of these ranges are made from the same high quality silky soft non-stretch nylon evocative of the monofilament yarn used in the 1950s.

They’re seamed by hand which is extremely labour intensive and explains why Chinese factories have little interest making them a mass market product!