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At the moment I'm just hanging out for a patch from Valve, but I'm not holding my breath.. It was a fresh install, but I will try re-installing steam. (18gb worth..) Edited by auditri: 16/11/2007 PM Edited by auditri: 16/11/2007 PM ----- That's odd. Sometimes that may play buggery for some of the validations... Saying "Preparing to play" for a while as it decompresses.

Has anyone else experienced this problem, and more importantly found a fix for it? EDIT: Haven't contacted Steam - There are many topics on Valve's forums pertaining to this issue - so I'm definitely not alone, but no fix has been found, and Valve have made no comments.. I recently had heaps of problems with steam, they came down to the firewall as replaces itself when updated.

(This worked fine from 2004 till 11/2007) ----- Not sure why I didn't try this before, but I managed to get it working..(Sort of what gunny suggested..) 1) Run Steam and select the game giving you grief. 3) Once the backup is completed, delete the games local content. I was very surprised that the multiple deletes and downloads didn't correct the problem.

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I recently restored my computer back to factory settings (clean os) after screwing it up, but I kept source 2007 shared materials.gcf, source 2007 shared models.gcf, source 2007 shared sounds.gcf, source materials.gcf, source models.gcf, source sounds.gcf, team fortress 2 client content.gfcf, team fortress 2 content.gcf, and team fortress 2 on a 16 gb flash drive, so I could just verify integrity of local cache and not have to redownload 13 gb of stuff.I've done this before on moving from windows - ubuntu, but it's been stuck at 100% verification for 4 or 5 hours - validating Steam cache files 0 out of 1, validating Team Fortress 2 file 1 out of 1.I've already tried cancelling and re-validating before, to no avail.Do not run the verification process while performing other system-intensive processes, such as defragmenting your hard drive or scanning for viruses.Do not run this process for multiple games at the same time.

Well, After a reformat last week, I reloaded Steam and all of my games from my backups.. GCF files in "c:\program files\steam\Steam Apps" are your actual installed games in compressed format.

But when I go to launch the game, be it Portal, TF2.. These are what your download off steam when u buy a game online.

Whatever, I get a Validation box pop, which promptly hits 100% and then gets stuck. You can copy someone elses over or keep just them if reinstalling.

:( I've tried manual validation, I've run a cfg checker, and deleted corrupt/partial files. Always get the steam engine off update it, login to your account then EXIT.

I've tried re-downloading the games, but nothing is working.. Move GCF into a folder called Steam Apps under where lives - restart steam and a *brief* validation may occur then the games installed.

I've read and tried pretty much every solution for this problem, but have not had any success.. Running a game up 1st time it will extract the gcfs into your ..\steamapps\ folders.