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At the ceremony in Sant Anna on Tuesday he said: "I am sorry if I have offended the partisans."I am a historical writer and just wanted to give life to the victims.As a black American I have utmost respect for the partisans but I wanted to show that in war everything is possible.

"I am not apologising for anything," he said, warning Italians that there was clearly "a lot about your history you have yet to come to grips with".

After receiving the honorary citizenship award from Sant' Anna mayor Michele Silicani, Lee said: "I have no doubts that the partisans were great but they were not universally loved by the civilian population.

"There are no heroes or villains in my film, the majority of Nazis were brutal killers but some were better than others and the same goes for the partisans.

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If any woman in entertainment can show a girl how to move on and live her single life, it’s Rih Rih.Let’s take look back into Rihanna’s dating history after the jump.The film, which highlights the role of African-American soldiers during the Second World War and focuses on four soldiers from the all-black 92nd Infantry, suggests that anti-Fascist partisans indirectly caused the atrocity by hiding in the village and then abandoned the villagers, leaving them at the mercy of the Nazis.The film portrays a partisan named Rodolfo collaborating with the Nazis, contradicting Italian versions of the massacre, which record it as an unprovoked war crime."We had asked for a meeting with Spike Lee several times to discuss the inaccuracies and said we were willing to talk but we never heard back," Giovanni Cipollini, ANPI vice president, said."His film is made up of half truths which have nothing to do with what really happened - and to add insult to injury we have not even been invited to the premier." The film is based on a book written by James Mc Bride, the black American Second World War veteran.