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It’s difficult, and you’ll never have any guarantee that something is going to resonate the way that you picture in your mind. I didn’t want to just do a sex film just to do a sex film.

’ He just has that and I was kind of caught off guard I gotta say. I’ve worked with gorgeous, gorgeous men before, but William came at me from another angle [laughs]. I’m just going to get that done and I’m having a blast doing it. I started out in musical theater on Broadway, so singing is a big love of mine. That cast is so specific that it’s hard to kind of track down everyone, but wouldn’t that be great? But maybe in the third one we’ll get a little dirty [laughs]. Her mother, Angelita, who is Filipino, is a homemaker, and her father is African-American. How she got started with the desire for performing. Sharon then moved with her parents to the Philippines, till she was 6 years old. Then, her parents packed up to move back to the US and settled in Fresno, California. So, Sharon has a younger sister, Kristina Manankil. Leal hadn’t really played any provocative roles in the past, so fans of the book were wondering if she could really embody such a complicated character.But she did, and Leal was able to do so because her main focus was not on expectations or making a proper ‘sex film,’ but trying to tell a story many can relate to: How a person’s troubled past can have a major impact on their being released for digital download today, and DVD release on February 10. I know I always get a little nervous when I’m playing the same woman or I keep revisiting the same role.

We talked about the actress initially being nervous about those intense sex scenes, why she wanted the role of Zoe, her track record of playing alongside some very hot men, her budding singing career and much, much more: No, I did not. But I was also told that they were going to reinterpret it because it’s very different doing it cinematically than what’s in the book. The seed was planted by Zane’s novel, but the movie was not verbatim or the same exact story. This was doing something different and it felt like a challenge and I really wanted to push the envelope a little bit.

Once I had the proper conversations with Billy Woodruff and the other actors, we got to a place where we thought, let’s dive in and get this done.

At the core of the film, it’s really about a very successful woman suffering from a very serious disease.

We get to live vicariously through her because of these amazing men she gets to romp around with and that sort of fantasy thing that it fulfills in us women.

But at the core, we can’t forget that she is a woman who suffered from something very serious as a child and the consequences were that she developed a serious affliction.

I really focused on that, and everything else was what it was. It’s not anything I’ve ever done before and it’s compromising.