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Zara fully agreed to this and knowingly went against our wishes.”It should be noted that this statement, released a few days after the initial outrage, veers from Miss Great Britain’s original response from June 15, directly after the episode aired, on their official Facebook page, which stated that “Zara is a 20 year old, single woman and her behaviour is not controlled or dictated by our organisation.”“[To] those stating we are ‘slut’ shaming,” the current statement continued, “we have never, and would never ever use this word to describe Zara, it is a huge shame that people are attempting to put words into our mouth.

Their only stipulation was that she not have sex, because sex is a behavior that they consider out of character for an employee, which is what Zara is.Upon having sex, she could not longer represent them, and was essentially fired.To be clear, this fairly obvious mechanism of sex as views is not a phenomenon of Love Island.Former Miss Great Britain Zara Holland has been stripped of her title after having sex on a British reality show about dating, and the internet is not pleased.Zara won Miss Great Britain in September 2015, reigning through 2016, and was revealed as a contestant on this season of Love Island on May 24.

The goal of Love Island is complicated, but contestants are essentially attempting to create the strongest “couple,” represented on the show by a night on the island’s “love shack,” while competing for £50,000.

Zara’s trip to the love shack with scaffolder and model Alex Bowen resulted in sex, and that’s where the Miss Great Britain organization claims she crossed a line.

That's right, an organization thinks it can tell a woman what she can and can't do with her body and her sex life. Now, many of the show’s viewers are calling out the organization for blatant sexism, pointing out that pulling Zara’s title after she dared to have sex, an act that most of the population engages in at some point, is an affront to her personal rights, an outdated requirement for women, and almost certainly a double standard, since almost no one is mad at Alex, and most can’t imagine him getting the same flack.

The Miss Great Britain executives, however, are refuting these claims, explaining their decision to strip Zara of her title isn’t sexist at all, because Zara had agreed to not have sex on the reality show.

“For those saying ‘going into Love Island, it’s inevitable that she would have sex', that is not true,” the organization said in a statement to Daily Mail, “it is not a prerequisite of the show that you have sex.

We gave our permission for Zara to enter, as our current winner, under the stipulation that she did not have sex on TV.