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The sex offender registration information that you see on NSOPW is retrieved from the individual Jurisdiction(s) where a sex offender is registered.To add any registration information, please contact the appropriate Jurisdiction registration officials.

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Some, but not all, Jurisdictions require sex offender registration information to remain on their public registry Website even after they have died.

The public sex offender registries hosting sex offender information are known as “Jurisdictions.” These Jurisdictions include the 50 states, U. territories, the District of Columbia, and participating Indian tribes.

The complete NSOPW list of Jurisdictions links users to each participating Jurisdiction’s Web site.

This page is intended to be a reference for using the National Sex Offender Public Website and its offender search options.

For educational materials, please visit our Education and Prevention section.

For information on monitoring, tracking, and registration, visit the SMART Office home page.To find additional information about a particular sex offender, you can try contacting registry officials in the Jurisdiction where that offender is registered.Many times, registry officials will not be able to disclose any additional information about an offender but might be able to direct you to resources or offices within their Jurisdiction where you could find that information.Each Jurisdiction has its own laws that determine the information that can and will be displayed on the public registry Website.Specific sex offender information can be found on a Jurisdiction’s Web site.See the NSOPW list of Jurisdictions to find the appropriate contact information.