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This page is written for the benefit of people who have absolute faith and trust in the government.

Perhaps you know people who believe the government can do no wrong. People who believe that every good and perfect thing comes from the federal government. When the government declares it illegal to inhale, he will be the first person in town to turn blue.

And he will probably be the first person in town with a bar code on his forehead.

To him, and others like him, the situation shown in the photo above is perfectly normal.Here is some of the evidence that the federal government and some state governments have too much power and too little restraint.In fact, much of this web site is devoted to the never-ending task of spotlighting abusive government and bad ideas.Tyranny is defined as cruel and oppressive government, and that is exactly what is described in some of the news items shown below.Subsections: The Road to Tyranny is All Downhill From Here Abuse of Power by Ordinary Cops The War on Little Kids with Lemonade Stands Videotaping the police Money Down the Drain Domestic surveillance Abusive and Invasive Searches at the Airport Snitch on Your Neighbor The TIPS program Know Your Customer Obama's "snitch on your neighbor" program: The 2013 version.

Government Hostility Toward the Right Wing Incompetence and Absurd Application of the Law Uncle Sam loses stuff -- especially guns and laptop computers.Uncle Sam is afraid to say what he means The Steven Hatfill / Anthrax Investigation Threats to the Constitution The Bill of Rights is Taking a Beating Civil Disobedience Related to Same-Sex Marriage Laws Property Rights and Property Seizures ...including commentary about the Supreme Court's Kelo decision.Invasion of Privacy (includes numerous subtopics) The Government's Role as Overprotective Nanny ... and Governor Perry's Vaccination Mandate The use of Traffic Signals as Fundraisers ... The use and abuse of Tasers The use of the IRS as a weapon, ...and The loss of Lois Lerner's most important emails at the most convenient moment.Taxes in general, specifically, Cigarette taxes and The Proposed "Odometer Tax" The Americans with Disabilities Act The Endangered Species Act The USA Patriot Act Waco Waco II Ruby Ridge FEMA -- the Federal Emergency Management Agency Other Items of Interest Additional pages on similarly irritating subjects: Zero-Tolerance The Invasion of the Food Police The War vs.