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It didn't take me long to figure out this wasn't for me.

Out of about 400 "matches," there wasn't anyone I would consider dating, and most of them didn't live in my area. I sent him a set of questions (one of the first steps to communicate), but he never responded.

When my payments were completed, I turned off notifications and didn't renew my account. I discovered that when I gave a bad review to e Harmony they would not give me any matches.

Apparently he responded to my questions, and then sent me some questions along with a "nudge" to send a picture of myself. One match was on oxygen and was needing a nurse, I believe. For site that's supposed to have lots of people it's awful.I answered the questions, then I received another email saying he wants to communicate by email. On other web site, such a Our Time, I get 7 or so hits a week. I answered all the questions, put in my parameters for matches and it's ignored.The only way I could see his message would be to re-instate my account. Yet I discovered that in July 2016 my account was charged . The "matches" are no such thing at all, just a random splurge of people who have nothing in common with you are your requirements. Eg parameters male, aged 30-50, Over 5'10, Non-smoker, Leicestershire within 25 miles of, and up to now I've had 3 matches ONLY that meet that in 3 MONTHS...It could be good in the past, but definitely not now. Overall website is very outdated, awkward technology, update/edit functions are just not very user friendly.When upload a new photo, sometimes takes days to refresh.

Significantly shrinking user base - we all know dating is a numbers game, when there are just not a lot of users, the chance for you to get good matches is slim. Inadequate customer service and unreasonable refund/cancellation policy - you can tell by the rigid refund/cancellation policy that their business is not doing well.They are holding on tight to every penny they can get from the subscribers.Almost impossible to cancel or to get your money back, even when you are not happy with the service.When you finally got on the phone with customer service, they will only provide an email that you can reply to, to submit your cancellation request.In that particular email, it states that you will get your reply in 7-10 days. I will get a reply back in regular mail in 7-10 days. Suggestions to the management, instead of giving your customers hard time on cancellation, maybe to spend more time on how to make the website better, update the technology, hire smarter programmers to write some mean algorithm that gives us good matches if your marketing department can first manage to increase the user base.I signed up several months ago and opted for the 6-month program.