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…est une libre convergence de Communautés et de Mouvements chrétiens de différentes Églises, actuellement plus de 300 sur tout le continent.

Tout en gardant leur autonomie, ils travaillent ensemble à des objectifs communs, en apportant la contribution de leur charisme propre.

Cette réalité est née des expériences fortes vécues ensemble.

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Ensemble pour l’Europe veut répondre à l’exigence d’une « culture de la réciprocité », dans laquelle les personnes et les peuples puissent s’accueillir mutuellement, se connaître, se réconcilier, apprendre à s’estimer et à se soutenir réciproquement.

The 33-year-old TOWIE star rocked killer cleavage for Rob, 55, who would no doubt have had trouble looking in her eyes that night.

With the pair reportedly having kicked off their flirtations in January, new claims suggest things are hotting up between the duo.

Now, you might wonder what Chloe sees in her grey-haired beau, but there could be 850 million reasons.

The Brit businessman is reported to have a net worth of £850million – now that's rich.

With Chloe’s make-up and beauty business going strong, maybe they’re discussing possible business ventures?

Although a rep for the TOWIE star swiftly put the claims to bed."Chloe is good friend's with Robert's sister and there's nothing more to it than that," a spokesperson told Mirror Online.

Whatever the truth may be, this is the first time in recent months that Chloe’s love life seems to be on the up, after a string of unsuccessful dates with co-star Jon Clark.

It might not come as too much of a surprise that Chloe has set her sights on an older gentleman, having taken issue with Jon being 26 on the show.

She explained: "I really enjoy your company and it honestly is just the age.

You know I'm too old for you, Jon." Cue the violins.