Sdsu speed dating

#54 So I was really bored one night and decided to go to a Delta Upsilon party..ya so I grab the first decent chick I see, go into one of the guys bedroom, lock the door, and just when the dragon spews fire, the guy whose room it is starts banging on the door.

It was so awkward and I hated the fact that I had slept with both of them but I didn't let on. I was originally friends with him and would hang around him when he would lock up the church (he was the pastor's son).I managed to turn him on so much that he had no choice but to fuck me in the church backroom.Little did he know my friend tipped his father and a couple of the other church members off to kids 'breaking in'' .When they went to go check it out, I told him I was going to grab a 'surprise' for him.I exited through the back exit and watched as he was was found butt naked by 7 of the church's members and his father from my friend's balcony across the street.

I'm not religious, I feel bad that it was in the church, but that bastard deserved it, posing as a motherfucking Christian.Bullshit.#51 Last weekend, I slept with a Nor Cal Blonde girl and she seduced me and gave me the roughest sex of my life.She told me that I was her first asian dude she has ever slept with.Then suddenly, She gives me her number after we have sex and She tells me that she had a great night then gives me her panties as souvenir??If anyone have gotten panties as a gift then I guess you know how I feel lol.#49 saturday night i was at a party and i started making out with this blonde guy.he pulled me into one of the bathroom stalls and told me he needed to ask me something.