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Singles Events and Parties Singles Events London Singles Events UK wide Singles Events Birmingham Speed Dating Speed Dating London Speed Dating UK wide Introduction Agencies Life and Dating Coaching Online Dating Dating by Religion Asian Dating Muslim Singles Gay and Lesbian Dating Affiliates Adult Dating Which accent is the sexiest? Thankfully, we've introduced a new voice greeting service to our dating area that means you won't just have to judge your chosen book by its cover, you can also check out a few pages by listening to their vocal tones. With the incessant rise of the chav, flat vowels and a dropping of the t's has become the talk of the 21st century. For 61% of the ladies, a deep and dulcet tone, such as the legendary Barry White was by far the sexiest, whilst high-pitched voices such as David Beckham's were a definite turn-off (mind you, the millions make up for it! Similarly, 58% of men stated that a smouldering and smokey tone, such as DJ Emma B, really got them going. The voice greeting service allows you to record a three-minute introduction about yourself that other members can listen to.- 22/11/2008 How important is the sound of your voice when it comes to dating? And very important this is too, with 58% of women and 42% of men saying a person's voice is as important as their appearance when choosing someone to date. And what about all those other regional voices out there? But hurry, don't miss out of the free introductory offer for all members.

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Another top favourite amongst the lads was the lingering tones of the Welsh ladies. It seems that Charlotte Church isn't the only lady with the voice of an angel, and as for Imogen in the Big Brother House, she seems to have the package deal! The West Country accent was by far the least popular choice amongst the ladies. Criticised for spending far too long slurring out a single word, posh voices were favoured by just 12% of females and 19% of the males questioned.

No wonder Chantelle Houghton is on the front of every magazine. Those cheeky Northern Monkeys came out tops, with a combined 51% of the female vote. Over 35% of women choose the Scottish accent as the sexiest around and with Ewan Mc Gregor as a prime example, who can blame them? People once aspired to speak 'posh', but now it's seen as naff.

Brummie (5%) According to the men, it's the Essex girls that really get them going and was voted the sexiest sounding accent by an astonishing 41% of the men questioned. It seems the ladies really go crazy for the lads 'up north'.

Welsh (5%) Surprisingly, the female preferences could not be more different to the lad's with only 5% of women attracted to a Welsh accent.

You've seen the picture, emailed back and forth, all that's left is to hear the sound of their voice...

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“The Scottish Meet Up” story is becoming more feelings involved! There is no doubt that there is something more than a mere infatuation on both sides. Regular readers (and I’m so pleased if you are one of them) will know; sometime ago I went to Scotland for a walking holiday and whilst there, I met a very nice chap called Tom* who rather liked me.

Sometimes our feelings are so strong that we can hardly control the situation. I bet you’ve been dying to read more about my Scottish meet-up saga . And I liked him, but I thought the complications of my escort life would put him off and, rather than risk getting to know him and falling in love with him, I would say “no” right at the very start.

Escorts at Lilyfields in London can have relationships, but I just felt it was too complicated and difficult at the moment. Most of my life is glamorous so to mark the difference, I suggested a very ordinary meeting.

Tom, however, was not put off, and, after me saying “no” several times, I did finally agree to go on a date with him. Why didn’t he meet me at the coffee shop on Cowcross Street at lunchtime?