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After they dance, Dude's friend Nixer joins them, much to Donna's annoyance.

Teddy's car swerves and loses the race as the occupants attempt to put out the fire. When Teddy challenges Dude to a street fight, one of Teddy's friends reminds him that he has set up a date with his girlfriend, who is his friend's sister.

Teddy and his friends swear revenge, and Dude drives off. Teddy is forced to delay the fight, and Dude sets a date with Donna at the same roller rink. tells them that they must be ready to seize opportunities when they present themselves, as they may not get another chance.

When he later sees Dude, Sarge threatens to arrest him but says that he is content to wait for a charge that will result in Dude's incarceration. Annoyed to find Dude there, Teddy attempts to start a fight with him, only to end up embarrassed when Dude uses his hair gel to cause Teddy and his friends to crash. Like Invasions protagonist, they may find themselves stuck in a situation with no escape.

Roadracers is a 1994 made-for-television film directed by Robert Rodriguez, his second feature film following the success of his 1992 debut, El Mariachi.

The film originally aired on Showtime Network as part of their Rebel Highway series that took the titles of 1950s-era B-movies and applied them to original films starring up-and-coming actors of the 1990s (including the likes of Alicia Silverstone and Shannen Doherty) and directed by established directors such as William Friedkin, Joe Dante, and Ralph Bakshi.

Rodriguez was the only young director to participate in the series.

The series was produced by the son and daughter of Samuel Z.

Arkoff, the co-founder and producer of American International Pictures (AIP), the distributor of the films this series takes its titles from.

Robert Rodriguez's take concerned a rebel named Dude Delaney (David Arquette) who dreams of leaving his dead end small town and becoming a rockabilly star but gets caught up in a nasty feud with the town's local sheriff (William Sadler) and his son (Jason Wiles). Dude, a 1950s greaser, engages in a high-speed chase with the local cops, Sarge and his unnamed partner.

After Dude causes their car to crash in a game of chicken, he joins his girlfriend Donna at a club.

Donna does not enjoy the loud rock music preferred by Dude, and she is annoyed that he has made her wait.