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An article should not be on Featured article candidates and Peer review or Good article nominations at the same time.The FAC coordinators—Ian Rose and Laser brain—determine the timing of the process for each nomination.For a nomination to be promoted to FA status, consensus must be reached that it meets the criteria.

A nomination will be removed from the list and archived if, in the judgment of the coordinators: It is assumed that all nominations have good qualities; this is why the main thrust of the process is to generate and resolve critical comments in relation to the criteria, and why such resolution is given considerably more weight than declarations of support.The use of graphics or templates on FAC nomination pages is discouraged, including graphics such as done, not done and xt: they slow down the page load time and lead to errors in the FAC archives.An editor is allowed to be the sole nominator of only one article at a time; however, two nominations may be allowed if the editor is a co-nominator on at least one of them.Here, we determine which articles are to be featured articles (FAs).FAs exemplify Wikipedia's very best work and satisfy the FA criteria.

All editors are welcome to review nominations; please see the review FAQ.

Before nominating an article, nominators may wish to receive feedback by listing it at peer review.

Editors considering their first nomination, and any subsequent nomination before their first FA promotion, are strongly advised to seek the involvement of a mentor, to assist in the preparation and processing of the nomination.

Nominators must be sufficiently familiar with the subject matter and sources to deal with objections during the featured article candidates (FAC) process.

Nominators who are not significant contributors to the article should consult regular editors of the article before nominating it.

Nominators are expected to respond positively to constructive criticism and to make efforts to address objections promptly.