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I thought I was going to be alone never have a bf, and I gave up and stopped looking....took 20 yrs to get a bf or even a date with a guy for that say it didnt work out with me and this other guy in the long run, because there was too much distance between us....the right guy is out there for you dont lose hope, But I understand and can feel your pain, because Im starting to slip back into that place too.. I know what u mean, thats all I think I've ever been in is long distance relationship and they don't work at least mine haven't because the guy hasn't called or came to see me that much. Right today or tomorrow someday - maybe if you added a restriction in your profile that only guys witin 75miles can contact you, wou wouldn't have toworryabout the long distance thing. You are 18 years old, and will be heading to post secondary education. Recently someone said to me that it is insanity to keep doing the same thing hoping for different results. If you spend your whole life on your pitty pot, of course nobody will want to be with you. you're hot and i'd date you if you lived in my area, and i'd do my best not to hurt you.I'm thinking about giving up but if I give up then I'll never find love in my life and I'd really love to have that in my life right now. In the mean time, just hang around in the forums, and ahve fuin there. So if you want different results, then you will have to try different things. Be happy with were you are in life, and look at the things that you have that are good. of course i'm 27 and thus outside of the age range you're looking pretty much in high school everyone's an's the environment.anyway, here's my suggestion, you're a senior in high school, right?

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the shy awkward guy who's probably never gone out on a date with a real live girl, who can't talk to a girl without stuttering or hurling.

he probably wears clothes that aren't anywhere close to being "in style"him to the prom.

i guarantee you won't get stood up.heh, well props to you then, i think proms are stupid too, but most girls go gaga for that stuff.anyway, if you're not into high school guys, realistically you're going to have to wait till you are out of high school to find someone.

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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.Hey u r still young and beautiful, don't look for it.Basically what did it for me because I really ain't the type to have a girlfriend. And from then own pretty much the chemistry did it.We new everything about each other and things just fell into place.If I was in your shoes I would just be enjoying life.personally, i never had a relationship until the age of 18, i thought i was reading a letter from a 40 year old sick of 10 or 15 odd relationships. also I see your profile has age limits of 24, maybe you should consider up to 26, since 25 is a stage that changes from boy to men, I know you are only 18, but boy's will be boy's...i think girls should realized that young guys sometimes arent interested in a long term gf, and i know i never had a lot of gfs until 23, now it is a lot better, (although i am single, loll)Sad to hear about your boy problems, Notice I said boy's you should know there are 2 types of guy's the boy's that grow up and become men, and the ones that never do and alway's stay boy's. Dan, Hey hun, dont worry your time will come when your not looking for it, and know I where your comming from....