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Even with all those options, Internet dating can be hard.Everything from the small talk to the first date will make even the most confident person a little bit nervous.

It’s hard to meet guys organically these days, so many of us turn to online dating when we’re looking for our next relationship.And while it’s easier to find guys we have more in common with this way, we still only know what they choose to tell us about themselves, some of which probably isn’t even true.Is there any way to read between the lines and weed out the assholes right away?Each year, thousands of Americans are fooled by scammers posing as potential soul mates online.Catfishing and "sweetheart scams" swindle people out of thousands of dollars each year.

This Valentine's Day (and every day of the year), be wary of the signs of a phony romance.

Not everyone you meet online will be a serial killer or a drug addict, but you do have to be smart.

When you are going to meet with someone you have been corresponding with, meet them in a public place and have your own means of transportation.

Meeting up for an overnighter the first time or before you are exclusive is not smart, and in fact, it puts you in a vulnerable and perhaps dangerous situation. Never put yourself in a potentially harmful situation.

They should not have your physical address, passwords, account numbers or any other vital information about you. –Mary Jo Rapini For more information or you FREE MONTHLY RELATIONSHIP TIPS: your life with soul”: Free App available from Android Play store now. id=com.maryjorapini.soulintention i OS version

There are plenty of fish in the sea, and many of them are online.