Receding hairline effects dating

One wore a backwards ball cap for 8 years straight, indoors and out, with friends and lovers (yes! One guy works for one of the biggest hair products companies in the world, and more than a few potential clients have made "funny" comments about his hair loss, which he felt cost him in sales.

The 4th one was mistaken for being the father of a same-aged buddy. Two of the 4 got hair transplants and look surprisingly good (these have come a long way).

One went blonde so there would be less contrast to his scalp, but it looks a little surfer-ish for a salesman.

actors hair transplants - Google Search Worthy of Publishing - American Stereotypes: Ch 6, Balding American country singers who never take their cowboy hat off As a kid, I had long, thick hair, and I hated it. I'm always mistaken for older than I am, which has helped me much more than it has hurt me.I used to always want to get "buzz cuts" but my mother would never let me because she loved my thick head of hair. You don't usually get asked for ID until you've already been hired for a job, and looking more like 40 is a big plus! Physically, it doesn't make as much difference as you think regardless of age.You have youth on your side and I say just take care of yourself in other ways! short cropped or shaved head -YES and go out with confidence - enjoy your youth and trust me the only thing others will notice is this young guy with confidence in his own skin - how he looks and feels Now - if you do have some hair there are treatments available..Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick!Some forums can only be seen by registered members.

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My bestie's husband had curly hair and a really receding hairline we never noticed.

He wouldn't swim, wear a ball cap, go out in the rain, etc because it would mess up his carefully tended hairdo. He said he never realized what a slave he was to the hairline until he shaved his head. Completely better looking than when he had the hairdo. Until you lose it, you don't realize how crucial it is for your looks.

Trust me: if you lost your hair, you would realize the stupidity of the statement "hair is just hair."Completely agree with you.

I think it's easy for people to tell you to suck it up, shave your head, not be so vain, or that there must be something emotionally wrong with you.

But I have personally known 4 guys who went through it. Another one went extremely short, but this accentuated a weird-looking head and made things worse.