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he wasn't a master Quoting "LOL...it's not a cartoon sadly, it's a comic. It's called "Donald Tames His Temper" and it's #44 under Carl Barks. It was shown on Cartoon Network for a while in Sweden but never on Nick. Haven't got it now but I'm trying to change the cable company so I can get CN and boomerang so I can watch MLP X).Most of Carl Barks and Don Rosa's comics are there. "That website is definitely worth checking out ^.^LOL!!! It's called "Donald Tames His Temper" and it's #44 under Carl Barks. Love Donald Duck comics so it wasn't that much of sadness. I just sent a message to Viacom, hopefully they will answer.This is the face he made in a comic where he tried to stop himself from losing his temper but his nephews misbehaved the whole time. Most of Carl Barks and Don Rosa's comics are there. But it's sad how we Swedes only have a Donald Duck comic and not like you Americans with your uncle Scrooge and stuff! Har du koll p vilka det r som ger rttigheterna till serien och hur man fr kontakt med dem? Hoppas p att f fram en seris, mer vuxen serie som inte har rymd tema Your Swedish looks a bit google translate so I'll write in English. Finally, he calls Daisy who tells him that he can discipline them if he doesn't show anger. Come have a chat with ol' Unca Donald" while holding a switch! Thanks for the Web link, I have a ton of reading to do ^^Actually, besides Carl barks and Don Rosa, I think you guys have WAAAYY more Donald Duck comics than we do!!! We only have the classics and not a weekly comic like you guys! And I think the Italians and Finnish have us BOTH beat!