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near the beach was revealed through a Korean news outlet.

According to local news source Newsen, this photo was taken at morning in Sokcho on January 2.

Dressed in casual clothes, the two stars left for Sokcho, which is famous for a sunrise, to celebrate New Year.

It seems the two spent a little of their free time to meet each other.

Kim and Jung just went public with their relationship previously and have received may positive feedback and supports from everyone. When the Min Hyorin-Taeyang relationship was first reported, BIG BANG fans were very against it. And they want Min Hyorin to know about their disapproval so they directly hit her through SNS.

Since Min Hyorin’s attendance to the concert was presumably to show support to her boyfriend, Taeyang, but such idea did not sit well with V. Everybody loves hearing a love story, especially when it comes to stars. [Profile] Jang Ki Ha : Singer, born in 1982 IU : Singer, born in 1993. There’re rumors that when this secret was revealed, a lot of old men fans drank a lot.

Sometimes it sounds too shocking and sometimes so adorable or predictable. They met at radio program as a host and guest for the first time.

IU had a crush on Ki Ha at first sight, she confessed.

In spite of their tight schedules, they try to spend sweet time together.

IU said once “He’s not making my heart pounding any more.” But sounds like just a cute excuse.

[Profile] Choiza : Singer, born in 1980 Sulli : actress, former f(x) member, born in 1994.

They denied at first, but everybody knows the two are a couple.

Overcoming 14-year age gap, they seems like they can’t live without each other.

Sulli said before “I like a man who feel like a father, a big man but not fat.” She hinted Choiza at that time already.